Thursday, July 19, 2012

New grant for textbook authors seeking contract advice

The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) has announced a new grant program to cover the cost of hiring an intellectual property attorney to provide assistance in negotiating a textbook contract. Members can apply for grants of up to $1,000 and non-members can apply for grants of up to $250.

The grants are limited to first-time textbook authors who have been offered a publishing contract. TAA recommends hiring an intellectual property attorney specializing in the negotiation of textbook contracts.

What a great opportunity!

“Textbook authors often enter into the contract process ill prepared, especially for the first few contracts,” comments my friend Robert Christopherson, author of the leading physical geography textbook, Geosystems. “TAA’s textbook publication grant offers first-time authors the opportunity to negotiate the most favorable agreement.”

Once a contract is signed, except in very few instances, it cannot be altered for the life of the book. That is why it is critical for first-time authors especially to learn how to negotiate a favorable contract so as to protect their intellectual property and their investment of time and resources in developing the book.

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